Today we may look at the heart of the church. There are sheep, goats
and wolves in almost every church. Let us just deal with the sheep
at this point. Let us in turn refer to the sheep as a kernel of wheat.

There are many kernels of wheat among us today. We are divided off
into many churches with many different beliefs. The baker is the
Heavenly Father. He is looking down at His church today, at the many
different buckets of wheat kernels. He is looking at the many
thousands of His hungry children. They come into the church hungry
and leave hungry for you cannot eat a whole kernel of wheat. So this
is the word of the Lord for His body today.

"I am going to come into your churches. I am going to come into your
homes. I am going to come into your hearts. I am going to take
possession of each for I am the Head of the church. I do not need
your ideas or programs. I do not need your opinions or counsel. I
need your submission and obedience for I desire to feed my children
the good bread of life. So I must crush each of you, making you into
fine ground flour so I can use you to make good bread to feed the
hungry for My children are dying of thirst and hunger. I am coming
into the church to make flour and bread. You must surrender your
lives to become life for others. I am not asking you. I am simply
saying, be made ready for this is the hour and time I have ordained
to grind the wheat for flour. My spirit will take over. You
must die so that I can multiply My spirit in the earth. Just as a
baker must grind the wheat, sifting it to make sweet tasting bread,
so must I grind the flour for My church. You must become the bread
of life. You must surrender your temples to Me, their rightful
owner. You must become vessels of My pure love. I will no longer
accept the luke warm heart. I will send My spirit to crush the
rebellion in the church. So you can either yield to become flour or
you can be ground into dust back to the earth. Each of you are free
to choose the Father whom you will serve. There is I, the Father of
Heaven and earth. Then there is Satan, the father of this world.
There is no gray area nor in between. Black or white, love or hate,
the time has come for Me to return to the church to cleanse it from
its sin. It has already begun. I will drive you out into the dessert
to be broken. Those of you who say I have been broken in two years
will look back and see you do not even begin to know what brokenness
is today because you measure by worldly standards, not by the
measurement of Christ. I will once again restore to the church the
love and authority of Christ, the only standard I have ever given to
measure by. Do not take lightly My call for repentance and holiness.
You call to Me for revival. You ask for My spirit but you do not
receive because you ask with a divided heart. You profess your love
for Me then turn to all the idols around you. Turn to Me with all
your heart. Be made ready for I am going to descend into your midst.
But remember in My great love and mercy, I am an all
consuming fire. I come to cleanse you and free you from sin. I come
to wash My bride, to bathe her in My love, to wash away all her
spots. This will come through much suffering and affliction. Great
sorrows produce great love. Great is My love for you. My call to you
is to return to your first love. I will bring the sorrow to produce
the love. I will break the back of the church today to bring forth
the fruit of love, compassion and humility. The body must cry out in
birth pains for the child of love to come forth. Prepare your hearts
for the time of crushing has come. My bride must be filled with love
for Me as I love her."

Grapes must be crushed to make wine, wheat to make bread. So I have
come to see in Christ, we must be crushed and broken to the utmost
to become vessels of His love and mercy. It is easy to speak of all
these things yet it is not possible for us to become these things
lest He do the work in us. He is ever so faithful to break us and
pour us out so that many may be fed. He gives us each the choice how
closely we want to walk with Him. Then He sometimes, because we have
said yes we love Him, simply steps in, takes over our life and says
follow Me.

This is what He is going to do in the church today, in each of our
hearts, put us into the wine press, the wheat grinder and make us
into life for others. We can yield in love and joy for Him or we can
go kicking and screaming but if we love Him, we will all join our
hearts in love to become one loaf of bread to feed many.