When You Are Hurt...‏

“You can become angry with anyone, but those who you love are the only ones who can hurt you.”

I have stated this so many times in my teachings and in counseling others in our ministry. However, it seems that at times the truth hits a little harder when the situation hits home.

So how do we deal with pain, personal grief, and disappointment when the pain comes from someone you truly love and care about? How do you show love and at the same time correction, when your own thoughts are being persuaded by the piercing pangs of hurt?

There is only one way. Praise.

O’ to praise God when life is in turmoil and your heart is hanging heavy is a task we sometimes seem to ignore. It’s easy to sing and dance praises unto the heavens as the season of love and prosperity abounds. It is however a different story when the cold season of despair and pain surrounds the heart.

Hurt comes when those who you love, do not return the love towards you. Hurt comes when those who you love, act out in a way that brings pain and agony to your heart. The antidote for the poison of hurt is to seek God, and seek His will in the situation. We must always come to God in praise, for without entering into praise, we often come to God in doubt and fear.

Perfect love will not allow fear – so when fear (uncertainty of the unknown) comes, we must acknowledge it only long enough to turn back to love, and let God (who is love) work through us in the situation. Pain in a relationship (that is left alone) only causes division – and division is of the enemy.

So the solution is really simple, and really two-fold:

Who are you going to allow control in your life – Father God or the enemy? Trust God.

Are you going to approach the situation in perfect love, or will you soak in the fear that brings only more pain? Love in spite of the harshness and pain, as love is more powerful than the enemy.

We must also remember that we do not fight against flesh and blood. We fight against spirits, we battle the demonic, and we overcome as we fight those spirits with the spirit of God within us… release the Kingdom in praise and adoration, and then take dominion.

I speak out believing in faith that darkness has no power when the light of the world has been released – so…

Let there be light O’ Lord, let there be light!