Precepts For Daily Living

It is our goal to develop members and the community growing together in spiritual maturity through bible studies, life seminars, retreats and fellowship loving, laughing, learning together and understanding God’s wonderful plan for their life and life to its greatest potential in harmony with each other.

Our motive is to teach students how to R. E. A. C. T. to any given situation.
Reaching non-believing students, Equipping them with godly disciplines, teaching them to Adore God with all their hearts, Connecting them in meaningful relationships and teaching them to Teach others of the awesome love of God.

How hungry are you for God? Are you Thirsting? Are you Longing? Are you Seeking? Are you reaching out to God to find the treasures that is in his heart? I challenge you! The Father is looking for true worshipers. Worship is entering into his presence.    

We would be so pleased for you to come and join our
one hour study 
"Precepts For Daily Living"
Thursdays @ 7 :00 PM
Dr. Kimberly F. Dobbs
P.O.B.772352 -Memphis Tn, 38177


    Precepts for daily living